Create your space with consideration of environment standards By offering the best offices in the MENA region, we are committed to the global goal of reducing the impact our buildings have on people and the planet.


All iSpace locations undergo mandatory certification for compliance with environmental and energy standards. We select buildings that are LEED Gold Certified, the global standard for sustainable buildings. The system defines the principles for creating healthy, high-performance and cost-efficient green buildings. The LEED rating indicates that the structure is ecologically friendly, and is a desirable investment.

The hall of The Offices 2, One Central business center

Sustainability Strategy

Understanding the offices nature, we intend to reach this goal by reducing resources consumption, using recyclable materials, analyzing environmental risks before making investor decisions, complying with environmental legislation and introducing saving environment management practices.

office space with couches
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office space with couches


Pursue corporate social responsibility, we make investments in the potential development of our tenants and employees.

Multifaceted approach

Social engagement is an important part of iSpace policy. On the regular basis we hold community event of various types: sports competitions, seminars and conferences, team-building, which help our employees and tenants to develop their potential.

Knowledge and skills

Everyone can find an opportunity to grow in iSpace. We encourage our employees to improve their skills and knowledge, becoming even greater professionals in their field. For us it is important to be on top of the new business practices and technologies, and at the same time to improve basic experience by getting Masters degree or other qualification, taking refresher courses, or foreign language courses.



Support your lifestyle and take care of yourself with iSpace well-being measures and sports activities.

Healthy lifestyle

We create a healthy working environment by following the highest standards of comfort, safety and environmental efficiency, in particular to LEED requirements. iSpace office is designed using recyclable materials, green plants, recreation, emotional comfort and living needs elements.

Creating smart and healthy office we introduced energy efficiency and eco-friendly measures. Smart lighting control system in meeting rooms and phone booths allows to save energy by automatically switching on the light only for the meeting time booked through the Flexy app. Our AC monitors has the option of automatic recognition of the temperature and reduce or increase to client’s request. Automatic dispensers give opportunity to use the extent quantity of water consumed and not to waste it.


As an international company, we organize various amateur and professional tournaments in football, padel, boxing and other kind of sports for our employees and tenants. Our offices are located in the Class-A business centers which provide exceptional sports amenities - a fitness hub, gyms, regular events on its pedestrian-friendly boulevards.

iSpace team especially supports tennis and follows the progress of professional athletes. We support famous tennis players and attend the tournaments.

Ispace includes all necessary principles of responsible and sustainable business



Information transparency

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Sustainable development

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Partnership and trusting relations



Awareness among tenants and employees

team work


Corporate social responsibility



Ecological efficiency


We encourage clear corporate governance structure and transparent business practices

Let's build together the next stage of the sustainable office space