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smart office

The special sense of hospitality is provided to the guests through bespoke design finishing of multi-purpose spaces, possibility to combine, adapt and transform premises upon tenant’s request

iSpace approach

iSpace aims to achieve sustainable development and ensures efficient management of its flexible and smart office spaces. We provide the highest level of convenience and the right conditions for successful business of our clients.

Mini library and coffee machine in co-working office.


iSpace projects include elements important for recreation, emotional comfort and living needs

The corridor of co-working office in One Central, DWTC.


Our offices are built in such a way that employees can realize their maximum potential

Co-working room bar tables for 8 places.

Human comfort

The layout, materials, IT-platform and service are geared towards human and the highest degree of comfort

iSpace pattern

Key advantages

easy and agile


Membership fee covers it all — no CAPEX, no office routine. All is ready to move in
Premium office


iSpace ideas provide the guest experience of the level not previously available in the local real estate market
smart Wi-Fi


Intelligent solutions of unique digital ecosystem make your office space truly smart and agile
Multi purposed


Office and meeting rooms layout, co-working or lounge zones — our space is convenient for all requests

What we offer

«We are offering tenants modern ready to move office spaces of different format, as well as spaces in the best office projects in the MENA region»
Alex Ostrovsky
Alex Ostrovsky Managing Partner and CEO


Having the great experience in commercial real estate we offer the opportunity to execute the projects by build-to-suit scheme with the highest quality of work

Order build-to-suit

The Build-to-suit projects for you implies a 3-step bespoke process

  • 1
    We listen to the needs
    Together with our partner we develop the most convenient configuration, infrastructure, state-of-the-art IT solutions and design in the location of choice
  • 2
    We do
    We execute the project with the team of high-class construction specialists within strict budget and timelines
  • 3
    We service
    No need to worry about office routine, opex, maintenance and other distracting things. We have got you covered

iSpace ONE Central

You can already explore the layout and features of this innovative workspace by clicking on the button

Explore the office

In November 2024, the third iSpace office in One Central will be opened

40,000 ft2

More than 40,000 ft2 of flexible space in an award-winning premium Class A business complex

Meeting room
Fully-equipped meeting rooms
Comfortable lounge zone
Comfortable lounge zone
Layout that allows any zone to work
Layout that allows any zone to work
Daily maintenance
Daily maintenance
High-technology conference rooms
High-technology conference rooms
Advanced services offices
Advanced serviced offices
Smart lockers
Smart lockers

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iSpace pattern

Ispace experience

Our team has a great experience in commercial real estate market in different parts of the world. During last 12 years we have been working with different types of real estate and have been responsible for successfully creating 2 multiple award-winning Multispace offices in Moscow, flexible office project in Cyprus, build-to-suit office space for the leading Russian development company, developing the premium A class business centers in Russia. Now it is time to share our experience in a new market and provide serviced offices in the MENA region best locations.

iSpace Dubai


Multispace Dinamo

Co-working office in Moscow

Multispace Paphos

co-working in Cyprus

Multispace Paveletskaya

БЦ Paveletskaya

Neva Towers

БЦ Neva Towers

Mercedes-Benz Plaza

БЦ Mercedes Benz Plaza

Art Gallery Business Park

БЦ Art Gallery sunset



White Stone

БЦ White Stone

White square

БЦ White Square

The Bolshevik

БЦ The Bolshevik

Vivaldi Plaza

БЦ Vivaldi Plaza


БЦ Stanislavsky


БЦ Дюкат


Бизнес центр Легенда


БЦ Лайтхаус

Olympia Park

БЦ Olympia Park


БЦ Лефорт

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